Celebrating 85 Years of Excellence

On September 15, 1931, Dr. Deryl Hart and his colleagues proposed an innovative plan, one they believed would set Duke on a course to becoming a world-class leader in health care delivery, education and research.  Duke leaders, like Dr. Wilburt Davison agreed, and the Private Diagnostic Clinic was born.

Today with nearly 1,500 members, we believe Dr. Hart would be proud of all we have accomplished. Thank you to our PDC members, providers and staff for making your mark on the PDC story. We are as optimistic as ever that the next chapters we write together will be even more successful.

History of the Duke PDC

“For 85 years, PDC members have consistently excelled in providing highest-quality, patient-centered care, conducting cutting-edge research, and training exceptional health care leaders.  Looking to the future, I am confident that our PDC colleagues will build on this sterling record of success and contribute even more significantly to improving the health of the patients and communities we serve.”

-A. Eugene Washington, MD

Chancellor for Health Affairs, Duke University, President and CEO, Duke University Health System 

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