PDC Strategic Plan

Executive Summary

Throughout its long and rich history, the members of the PDC have contributed significantly to the growth, innovation, and strong reputation of Duke Health.  Building on that history and in anticipation of the changing health care landscape, in 2015 the PDC developed a strategic plan to guide its decisions and prepare for the future.

Informed by dozens of meetings, interviews, retreats, and surveys, the PDC Strategic Plan provides direction and focus on the priorities needed to become a stronger, more integrated multi-specialty group practice.  The plan centers around eight strategic goals that serve as the foundation of our common purpose and shared vision.

The PDC leadership, partners and members are dedicated to successfully achieving the strategies outlined below, and are committed to measuring and celebrating our success. 


Enhance the Provider Experience

GoalTo empower and support physicians in the delivery of high quality care and outcomes; enhance clinic operations, efficiency and communications.

  • Empower providers and clinic leadership with information and data to improve effectiveness and quality, reduce costs, and improve outcomes for patients
  • Develop a comprehensive communication strategy to improve member engagement, understanding of value of the PDC

Continuously Improve the Quality of Patient Care

Goal: To empower providers and clinics to put the needs of the patient first, to deliver evidence-based, high quality care and outcomes, and provide the best patient experience possible.

  • Improve the patient experience through data analysis, staff/provider education and operational improvements
  • Define, prioritize and provide analytical support for care pathway development

Improve Access to Care for All Patients

Goal: To implement processes and protocols that enable faster, more efficient patient interaction with PDC physicians.

  • Improve scheduling practices and capabilities to include direct scheduling and patient self-scheduling 
  • Enhance alignment with Duke Primary Care for referral loyalty and enhanced care continuity
  • Ensure appropriate technology and staff needs for PDC virtual health initiative

Advance Practice Integration

GoalTo create inter-PDC partnerships and funds flow to improve patient care and outcomes.

  • Develop clinical care management models that enable success under risk-based contracts
  • Create an integrated, multi-specialty practice funds flow model to allow funding  for needed clinical care and strategic growth

Implement Strategic Organizational Growth

GoalTo increase share in existing markets and expand strategically to new markets.

  • Identify, establish and optimize strategic partnerships in key growth areas 
  • Evaluate growth opportunities for recruitment of new providers across the region
  • Explore partnerships to enhance and prepare our population management capabilities integrated with primary care (i.e., value-based, narrow network, risk-bearing, Accountable Care Organizations)

Enhance Business Intelligence

Goal:  Establish a trusted information source, and provide valid, relevant data to inform decision-making.

  • Develop reliable data tools to track clinical, operational and financial metrics that are transparent across PDC
  • Analyze and utilize competitor intelligence and best practices for strategic decision-making
  • Evaluate cost allocation metrics and processes

Improve Financial Transparency

GoalTo provide members with access to and understanding of relevant financial data to build trust and improve operational efficiency.

  • Define PDC-wide compensation principles, productivity expectations and quality standards
  • Explore and make recommendations for a sustainable funds flow model between DUHS, SOM and PDC to support clinical, research and teaching missions
  • Share best practices and standard approaches in contracting with DUHS and other entities

Enhance Integration of the Academic Mission into Clinical Care

GoalTo develop infrastructure and core competencies to enhance the academic role through cutting edge research and training

  • Develop infrastructure within PDC to support innovation, business development, and investment in recruitment, research and education
  • Create tools to enhance the ability of faculty to engage in research and research collaborations 
  • Utilize output from the data analytics plan to better understand and improve clinical outcomes