A Message from PDC President on Current Affairs

 Over the past week, our nation has witnessed human tragedy, injustice, violence, and unity. It is in these times that we search for the right actions, words, and remedies.

As healthcare providers, when a patient says "I can't breathe" we rush to provide lifesaving care. When a fellow human being like George Floyd makes the same plea and is senselessly killed at the hands of police, we are disgusted, saddened and feel powerless. For certain, the response should never be violence and destruction. In turn, our silence should also not be tolerated or accepted. 

The PDC stands in solidarity with leaders across Duke, Durham, and our nation to call for peaceful demonstrations, open dialogue, and effective, immediate solutions to the deeply rooted issues that many in our community face every day.

The PDC family is just that... a family. We respect, value, and celebrate our similarities and our differences. I ask you to join me in being a healing voice in our community... not just healing through our medicine, but by supporting one another and peacefully acknowledging that we are one family. May our individual and collective actions be an example to our community every day.

— John Sampson, MD, MBA
    President, Private Diagnostic Clinic