Cheryl Brewer

Associate Vice President, Nursing
Clinical Associate Faculty- Duke University School of Nursing

Dr. Brewer provides oversight for the development and practice of nursing across PDC clinical settings. She leads efforts to transform nursing practice and ensure provision of quality nursing care in accordance with federal, state, and local standards and regulations. This includes ongoing development, monitoring and evaluation of nursing activities related to quality indicators of care, accountability for practice compliance, resource allocation, and other activities to advance the PDC mission and improve patient outcomes. Brewer also works collaboratively with nurses and leadership to design and maintain a nursing infrastructure that aligns PDC ambulatory nursing within the context of the DUHS Nursing Professional Practice Model. 

Dr. Brewer received a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from North Carolina Central University, a Master of Science degree in Nursing Administration from Duke University, and a PhD Degree in Nursing from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Phone Number: 
Box 3810, Durham, NC 27710