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The following list of clinics represents those that are managed by the PDC and is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all clinics at Duke.  PDC clinics are part of a growing list of primary care and specialty care locations that provide patients with convenient access to Duke's world-class providers close to home.  

List of Accepted Health Insurance Plans 


Duke Otolaryngology of Raleigh
Duke Pediatric Dermatology at Patterson Place
Duke Pediatric Dermatology Patterson Place
Duke Perinatal Consultants & Fetal Diagnostic Clinic of Durham
Duke Perinatal Consultants of Cary
Duke Psychiatry Sleep Clinic
Duke Psychiatry Specialty Clinic
Duke Pulmonary of Raleigh
Duke Rheumatology South Durham
Duke Signature Care
Duke Spine Center
Duke Sports Science Institute - Orthopaedic Urgent Care
Duke Thoracic Surgery of Raleigh
Duke University Faculty Practice in Psychiatry
Duke Urogynecology
Duke Urogynecology Consultants Navaho
Duke Urology of Raleigh
Duke Vascular Specialists of Raleigh
Duke Women's Health Associates at Patterson Place