PDC Awards Grants to Support Research Efforts of Members

Duke PDC

The PDC is pleased to announce that 25 PDC Members from eight clinical departments have received grants to expand their involvement in basic science research.  The ENhanced Academics in a Basic Laboratory Environment (ENABLE) program provides up to two years of salary support to PDC members to dedicate a portion of their effort working closely with a primary research team. 

The goals of the ENABLE program are to support the career development of PDC members and to embed a clinician into a research environment to advance the research and clinical program.  


Adams, Samuel (Orthopaedics): The Kynurenine Pathway:  Linking Osteoarthritis, Pain, and Depression
Armstrong, Sarah (Pediatrics): Reducing Obesity and Chronic Disease through Clinical and Basic Science Collaboration
Bahnson, Tristram (Medicine): Pilot for Large Multi-center Outcomes Trials of Potentially Transformative Technology for Guiding Catheter Ablation of Cardiac Arrhythmias
Balikcioglu, Pinar Gumus (Pediatrics): Pathogenesis and Prevention of T2D
Buckley, Anne (Pathology): Effects of Neuronal Stimulation Activity on the Growth of Neoplaotis Aotroeyteo
Cardones, Adele Rambi (Dermatology): Evaluation of Molecular Events Important in the Regulation of TGF-beta Signaling in Cutaneous Sclerosis and Chronic Cutaneous Graft versus Host Disease
Clowse, Megan (Medicine): The Investigation of Issues Surrounding Rheumatologic Disease During Pregnancy
Dicks, Kristen (Medicine): Understanding the Serofast State, Improved Treatment Algorithms for Patients with Syphilis, Improved Patient Outcomes and Satisfaction, and Potentially Novel Diagnostic Testing  for Syphilis 
Dvergsten, Jeffrey (Pediatrics): Developing Innovative Therapies for Treating Autoimmune Disease
Erikkson, Melissa (Orthopaedics): Biomechanical Assessment of Posterior Instrumentation Constructs for Spine Injuries
Foo, Wen-Chi (Pathology): Investigation of the Relationship between Post-transcriptional Factors in AA Prostate Cancer and Gleason Grade  
Guy, Cynthia (Pathology): Deregulated Liver Repair and Cirrhosis: Identification of new, discriminating markers of hepatic stellate cells 
Hahn, Paul (Ophthalmology): Artificial and Regenerative Vision - Innovative Translational and Clinical Approaches
Hickey, Patrick (Neurology): Use of Diffusion Tractography 3D Maps of White Matter Connections in the Human Brain
Hobson-Webb, Lisa (Neurology): Ultrasonographic Shear Wave Dispersion in Peripheral Nerve Inflammation
Huang, Yuh-Chin T. (Medicine): Using 129Xe MRI to Phenotype Early Asthma
Joshi, Anand (Orthopaedics): The Role of Inflammatory Cytokines In Intervertebral Disc-related Low Back Pain
Limkakeng, Alexander (Surgery): Statistical Modeling for An Acute Care Precision Medicine Initiative 
Rizzieri, David  (Medicine):  Improved Immunotherapy Through NK Cell Activation
Seyler, Thorsten (Orthopaedics): Targeting Biofilm to Improve Arthroplasty Outcome
Shah, Ankoor (Medicine):  Lymphocyte Profile Predictors of Pulmonary Disease in Systemic Sclerosis 
Strickler, John (Medicine): Collaboration to Test First-in-human Immuno-oncology Therapeutic Combinations
Vajzovic, Lejla (Ophthalmology): Diagnosing Retinal Disease in Infants and Children with Long Working Distance Swept Source Optical Coherence Tomography Imaging: A Novel Design
Van Mater, Heather (Pediatrics): Characterizing IBrainD Conditions Clinically and Investigating the Underlying Etiology of Disease
Weber, Thomas (Medicine): Use of Clinical, Biochemical and Cellular Profiling to Characterize Patients with Primary Hyperparathyroidism