PDC Patient Experience Team

Our team advises leaders, physicians, providers, clinic staff, and others to continuously improve the patient experience by creating a culture that promotes skills, inspiration, and resilience.  We provide educational interventions, training, team building, retreats, provider coaching, and leadership consulting to ensure the consistent delivery of patient-centered care.


​Sanne H. Henninger, MSW, LCSW, Ed D

Director, PDC Office of Patient Experience

Sanne has an extensive background in mental health, including working at Dorthea Dix hospital and in private practice. She has undergraduate degrees in psychology and social work and a doctorate of education with emphasis on organizational development and training. She has experience in counseling, consulting, managing, and training. She is most passionate and focused on how safety culture concepts impact staff and patient outcomes. Her goal is to connect people, particularly in healthcare, in ways that inspire staff to help patients have the best experience possible.


Kerry Little, MA​

Patient Experience Coordinator

Kerry is passionate about cultivating a culture of well-being where employees and teams live their values, feel supported, motivated and engaged. She feels fortunate to be part of a healthcare team that cares deeply about its patients, their experience and healing. She has a Master’s degree in Behavior Change from NC State University. Kerry’s roles have included trainer, certified coach, mindfulness instructor, educator, consultant, business owner and leader. Her goal is to support you in creating an environment where you can bring your best self to work in order to best serve our community. ​