Telehealth (for all of Duke Health)

Telehealth includes video visits, telephone calls, and virtual check-ins to evaluate and determine treatment for patients (not just a follow-up call to provide lab results).  Payers have updated their policies to allow Telehealth services to aid patients (for COVID-19 or any other condition) during this time.

If you have questions about the provision of Telehealth services or other general questions, please contact us at any time at, in addition to consulting your local leadership and the Duke Telehealth Office. 

Telehealth Resources for Practical Use


Telehealth FAQ
See answers to frequently asked questions about the Telehealthcare model.

Utilizing Patient-Reported Outcomes and other Patient Entered Data in Telehealth
See answers to frequently asked questions about using PROs with the Telehealthcare model. (Intranet most UpToDate: requires netID Login).

Front Desk Standard Work Tipsheet  
Provides guidance on scheduling and what to expect from arrival to checkout.

Inpatient Consult Plan 
Guide to selecting appropriate medium for patient visit.

Changing Appointment Types 
Learn how to adjust existing appointments to Telehealth visits in EPIC.

Interpreter Services for Telehealth
Provides step-by-step flow for how to schedule an interpreter during a Telehealth visit​.
       Hospital-Based Clinics Telehealth Workflow
       PDC Clinics Telephone Workflow

Tips for Communicating with Patients on Telehealth
Watch a short video to learn some tips on communication using Telehealth technology. Slides are found here.
White Paper on clear communication
Three Imperatives to meet the Virtual Patient Experiance

Taking Care of Your Body During Telehealth
Learn how to set up your work space ergonomically, and when to take short breaks to be your most productive self.

PDC Compliance and Privacy Website
Go here to answer any questions related to 2021 E&M changes, or other compliance questions.


Doximity Tip Sheets

Doximity Dialer Instructions and Tips

Doximity Patient Instructions

Back-Up-Doximity Information (2/2/2021)

Zoom Tip Sheets

Zoom Video Visit Quickstart Guide
Provides quick step-by-step instructions on how to use zoom within Maestro Care. See the Tutorial Video Here

Zoom Video Visit Provider FAQ
Frequently asked questions while using zoom within Maestro Care

Zoom Video Visit Resource Guide
All comprehensive information to performing a video visit via the integrated Zoom platform.

Transition to Zoom Presentation
A presentation around the zoom integration into Maestro Care

How to invite a Guest
Learn how to invite guests into video visits using a generic email to guests.

Handoff and Accessing Video Visits with Haiku and Canto
A new feature of the 2020 upgrade is the ability for clinicians to either handoff video visits from their laptop or PIN Station to Haiku/Canto or access video visits directly from the Haiku/Canto mobile application.

LMS Module for Video Visits
Learn how to conduct a video through the learning management system (LMS). This will provide interactive step-by-step instruction. 

Secure Chat for Video Visit Assistance
See how to use the new help feature in EPIC to fix your video visit or chat for assistance.

Video Visits with Teens
Get additional guidance on video visits with patients between the ages of 12-17.

Download Zoom Background

Suggested Video Settings

Options: Enable HD
Mirror my video
(if desired) Touch up my appearance

For Patient Instructions visit


Comprehensive Telephone Visit Guide
Includes step-by-step instructions, workflows, and tips for telephone encounters. 

Hiding Your Phone Number 
Protect your phone number during phone encounters (Doximity and Cisco).



Billing Grid
The most up-to-date payor information lives in this billing grid and is updated regularly.

Bi-Weekly Billing Updates
Carrier guidance for telehealth coverage. These updates will include CPT modifiers and place of Service (POS) by the carrier.
            Telehealth Coverage End Dates (12/3/2020)
            BCBS and UHC extend Coverage(6/23/2020)
            Aetna and Cigna End Coverage next month (7/13/2020)
                Cigna Coverage Details
                Aetna Coverage Details
             Aetna & Cigna Extend + Upcoming end dates (7/24/2020)
             Payer End Dates Stable (8/21/2020)
             End of Telehealth Easy Button (8/27/2020)
             Medicaid Rate Enhancements for Phone Visits Expire 9/30/2020 (9/14/2020)
             Medicaid Continues to extend policies including Rate Enhancements through 10/23/2020 (10/1/2020)
             Medicare Expands Telehealth Covered Services (10/15/2020)
             Payer Coverage Updates (2/2/21)
            Payer Coverage Updates (4/20/2021)

COVID Counseling Billing Tips
Guidance on billing and documentation for COVID counseling.

Telephone Payment Models
Understand the different ways phone visits are reimbursed at a high level. For more detail see Weekly Billing Updates.

Video Changed to Telephone Tip Sheet
See what to do when you have to change your video visit to a telephone encounter.

Outpatient Preference List Update
See what changes have been made to the telehealth preference list.

Telehealth Charge Overview
Slides with information on what RVUs translate to for video and telephone as well as some charge capture examples. Creating Favorites in Charge Capture - Tip Sheets

Ambulatory Providers Only
Inpatient Providers Only
Inpatient and Ambulatory Providers


Video Visit Attestation Update (02/01/2021)

Location Attestation for Phone and Video Visits
Quick tip sheet on what smart phrases are available to indicate your location while conducting a virtual visit. 

Smart Text Attestations while with a learner
See a list of smart text attestations for seeing a patient while with a student.


Tips for Students
Opportunities for student participation in telehealth visits including workflow suggestions.

Communication for Students
Communication update for student participation in clinical care.


OCR Statement          

AAMC's COVID-19 Resources     

Additional References



Full Box Resources
See all the resources available on telephone, video, and billing.